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How much are the fees?

For both Canadian and International students, courses are $675 each.

Be sure to check the fees section of our website for more information about our current promotions.

There is also an annual proctoring fee of $25 per student for our automated test and exam proctoring tool, Proctorio.
This fee covers the student’s use of Proctorio for all tests and exams in all courses for which they are enrolled and is valid for 12 months from the date of registration.

How do I register?

We’ve made registering for a course as simple as possible!

We currently accept Visa and Mastercard (including Visa Debit and Mastercard Debit), as well as e-check payment methods.

Just click the Enroll Now button on our website and you will be taken to our e-commerce store hosted by Amilia.

Sign up for an Amilia account by filling out a few key pieces of information, add your desired course(s) to your cart, and then checkout much like you would on Amazon.

What is the withdrawal policy?

If a student taking Grade 11 or 12 courses wishes to withdraw from the course prior to the midterm point, they can do so without the course being recorded on their Ontario Student Transcript.

All withdrawals after the midterm point are required as per Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines to be recorded on the student’s high school transcript by entering a “W” in the “Credit” column, and the percentage grade at the time of the withdrawal will be recorded in the “Grade column”.

Although unlikely to occur, a withdrawal for Grade 9 or 10 courses is not recorded on the high school transcript, regardless of the time of withdrawal.

How long do I have to complete the course?

All students will have nine months from the date of registration to complete their course.

If for some reason a course cannot be completed in that time frame, we offer course extensions for an additional $100 per 3-month period.

What types of assessments are there?

Assessments would be the same as those in courses taken in a regular classroom, such as quizzes, tests, essays, reports and assignments.

Interactive activities and video conferencing will also be used throughout the course to help the teacher assess the student’s understanding and ability to apply the concepts.


Can parents access the Canvas Learning Management System?

Absolutely! With Canvas, authorized parents or guardians can access and review their student’s progress on any device, including the mobile app.

How do I write tests and the final exam?

Students will write all quizzes, tests, and final exam within the Canvas LMS platform using the Proctorio automated proctoring tool. We have partnered with Proctorio to ensure the highest academic integrity.

When will I receive my final report card?

Once all course assignments have been completed and submitted and the final exam written, the teacher will determine the student’s final grade and complete the report card. 

Do I have to complete a prerequisite course before I register?

A prerequisite course is a course that must be completed before taking the next level of the subject.

Prerequisite requirements are specified by the Ontario Ministry of Education to ensure that students have the necessary skills and understanding to take the course at the next level. A student may register in any course, but they will not be able to work beyond the first module until proof has been submitted to show that the prerequisite course has been completed.

Depending upon the previous experience of the student, the rpincipal may waive the prerequisite requirement. 

Please note, the principal’s decision in this regard is final.

Are Apex Academy Online credits accepted by my school?

Any credits students earn through Apex Academy Online will be added to the student’s transcript by their home school.

If a student attends school outside of Ontario and they are planning to add an Ontario credit, they should check with their guidance department to  determine whether the credit can be added to their student transcript.


What is a BSID Number?

A BSID is an identifying number granted to Ontario Ministry of Education inspected private schools to demonstrate they have met the certifying requirements.

How does my completed course get onto my transcript?

Once all course assignments have been completed and submitted and the final exam written, the teacher will determine the student’s final grade and complete the report card.

The completed report card will be emailed to the student’s designated contact to their current school. Once received, your home school will add the completed course to your transcript. Courses completed by full-time Apex Academy students are automatically added to their student transcript.


Will a Guidance Counsellor help me with post-secondary program choices?

When a student registers, they will be assigned a guidance counsellor.

The guidance counsellor will contact the student within 48 hours to discuss their plans and post-secondary program goals. The guidance counsellor will remain in contact with the student throughout the course to answer any questions that may arise. Parents and students can arrange a video conference with the guidance counsellor to discuss post-secondary programs and the associated application process.

There is a post-secondary application guide on the Apex Academy learning platform to help parents and students understand the process.

Do post-secondary institutions view online courses differently from in-class courses?

Credits earned through Apex Academy Online are taken at the same value as credits earned in Ontario schools.

However, students should refer to their desired University or College website to review policies on eLearning and repeat courses, as well as courses taken outside of the home school.

How does my grade get to OUAC, OCAS and out of Province/Country post-secondary institutions?

If a student has submitted a guidance information form to Apex Academy, the student’s grade will be sent to OUAC and/or OCAS, or out of Province/Country post-secondary institutions as required.

Students must have completed up to the mid-point in their course(s) for a midterm grade or completed the entire course(s), including assessments and the final exam, for a final grade. Apex Academy will transmit grades to OUAC, OCAS and out of Province/Country universities during the official submission periods.

In general, grades are not accepted outside of the official submission periods unless requested by the post-secondary institutions.

What if I have an IEP?

Students are encouraged to submit their IEP, or any student support plan, to Apex Academy Oline as soon as they register.

Although not all accommodations outlined in an IEP are possible in an online learning environment, we will implement as many accommodations as practicable. The teacher will discuss accommodations with the student to best suit their learning style within the eLearning environment.

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